Ecu Unlock / Decode Service 1

Having Immobiliser Problems? Doing an engine conversion? Or you have this code showing P1570 Engine Start Blocked By Immobilizer ? or fitting a second hand ecu? if yes then this is the service for you.


Ecu's covered: VAG 1.8t all, BOSCH, SIEMENS

Price: £100.00

Postage: £10.99 



Ecu Unlock / Decode Service 2 - EDC16U1, EDC16U34, EDC16CP34

Price: £150.00

Postage 15.00



Ecu Unlock / Decode Service 3 - MED9.1 MED9.5 

We are proud to announce that we can do the later MED9.1 Crypto Ecu's aswell.

Price: £200.00 - £250.00

Postage: 15.00 



Ecu and Loom Packages 

This package is for your engine conversions on your VAG 1.8t 20v engines.It includes the Decoding of your Ecu and us converting your loom for it to be adapted to your new car.  


Package-Engine Code AGU

Price: £CALL

Postage: £call

Package-Engine Codes BAM-AUQ-AUM-AYP

Price: £CALL

Postage: £call

Package-Engine Codes AEB-AWT-AUE

Price: £CALL

Postage: £call


 Loom Only Decode Service-1 Engine Code AGU


We can convert your loom only for your engine conversion this listing is for the 1.8t 20v VAG Engines.

Price: £CALL



Sensor Delete service with Remap 

Example of sensors that can be deleted:

V101 Secondary Air Injection Pump
N80 Carbon Canister
G130 2nd Lambda
N112 SAI valve Solenoid
N249 Turbo Charger Recirce valve
F88 power steering


£200.00 extra when purchased together with loom and ecu package if ordered seperate then postage will be charged



Sensor Delete Service Without Remap 

£200.00 extra when purchased together with loom and ecu package if ordered separate then postage will be charged


PLEASE NOTE : There is a paypal fee charge of 3.5% on top of the total price when paying by paypal. NOTE : Once you have made the payment for you item you will be emailed a form to fill in and send with your items.