Vagtronics Car Security

A Trusted name in the car security and electrical sector

We have been in the vehicle security business for over 20 years now, there's not a lot we don't know about cars electronic systems, We have trained technicians to take care of your pride and joy using the latest in diagnostics equipment along with experience. We can fix what the dealers sometimes even struggle with.

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About Vagtronics Car Security

A Trusted name in the car security and electrical sector

The car still has a very special place in the heart of many people in the UK. Be that the family run around or something of a more sporty or luxury nature, the car is central to the family or individual.
Ensuring that your car remains as big a challenge as is possible to potential car thieves is high on many individuals list, as it is to most insurance companies.

Car theft is still on the increase. Car owners have a number of options available to them. Fit the very best alarm or immobiliser package that is fully recognised by their insurance company, and sleep well at night. Or save a little bit of money and realise the worst when their car goes missing and the insurance company argue about the pay-out.

Vagtronics are the leading vehicle security specialists in the Stoke on Trent area and have 20 years of experience in protecting vehicles. We are fully equipped with the very latest diagnostic equipment and pride ourselves on attention to detail, sound advice and exemplary standards of workmanship.
Get in touch with us with any installation, alarm, immobiliser or electronic issue with your car and we promise that you will be in safe hands.

Our Experts are always available 

At Vagtronics we have Car Security specialists, who can do the most complicated jobs from a basic install to full diagnostics. Wether you need your ECU decoding , issues with your immobiliser or alarm. We are the first point of call especially if your based in stoke On Trent.

  • Mobile workshop - Free coffee and biscuits while you wait
  • All our work is fully insured (unless otherwise stated)
  • Stoke On Trents number 1 for car security
  • Emergency repair service avaialble
  • Complete diagnostics

Car Alarms
& Immobilisers

Car Trackers & ECU Decoding

Car Wiring Looms & Electrical


Stoke On Trent's Number 1 for Security

Any ECU , Wiring Loom , Immobiliser or Tracker issues

ECU Decoding

ECU Decoding done on-site at our Stoke On Trent workshop

Car Wiring Looms

There are not many specialsits that deal with car wiring looms around Stoke On Trent other than Vagtroinics

Car Alarms

We only specialsie with manufacturer approved alarms

Electrical Faults

Any other elctrical faults on your car? we can diagnose and find out the cause and fix within ample time

Car Immobilisers

Car not starting? Immobiliser gone wrong? We will help you to sort out the issue and get you back on the road


Complete security diagnsotics available at our workshop

Does your car need new security


Call us & Get Free Advice 07973 412 446

Vagtronics FAQS

A Trusted Name in Stoke on Trent for Car Alarms, Immobilisers, trackers, ecu and wiring looms

We are based in Stoke On Trent , Staffordshire and been serving the are for over 2 decades.

While you are awaiting diagnostics info or just a quick check , we provide you with a nice relaxing environment where you can drink tea and relax while we do the necessary checks

No all advice is given for free, we are honest and  independent therefore unbiased

All our experts have been in this  field for over 10- years therefore you can rest assured we dont use novices

Vagtronics will try our utmost best to try and give you an accurate idea within 30 minutes , if this is not possible we will advise you on the approx time required .


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